Gino Altieri's Memorial Marker

Please visit Fishcreek's front garden to view Gino's Memorial. Fishcreek students, staff, along with Gino's parents and sister were in attendance for the dedication ceremony today. 

Info for 4th Grade parents that couldn't attend Lakeview meeting

Info for 4th Grade parents that couldn't attend Lakeview meeting
1. They encourage all kids to ride the bus. Students are allowed in the building at 8am. Tardy bell rings at 8:15am. 
Dismissal takes 10-15 min due to almost 900 kiddos.  Bus dismissal there are 2 rounds. Round 1, which is usually fishcreek area, leaves the school at 2:50. Round 2 is at 2:55.  Kids who are car riders do not get dismissed until almost 3p.
CAR RIDERS: Please drop off & pick up at the appropriate areas. Do not drop off anywhere else due to heavy traffic congestion (Lakeview & Highland)...
2. Teaching is a "team" approach, 1 teacher is math/science, the other english etc... Team of 2 teachers

3. They compile info from all the 4th grade teachers about our kids to try to place them with the right teachers/classes.

4. If you have any concerns or would like to give any additional info to Lakeview to help place your child, please e-mail the principal and assist principal
Principal: Andy Yanchunas
Asst Prinicpal: Angie Farneth

5. Technology is ok to bring to LV: iPads, Kindles, Smart Phones, Tablets. Warning: There is NO LOCKS on the lockers. Students are to keep them w/them. Usage of technology varies among teachers.
6. Students will have a 40min special daily (Library, extra help from teachers, art/PE etc).
7. Each 9 weeks they will rotate Art, Music, PE, Spanish
8. There will be a "Jump Start" day before school starts for you and your child to meet teachers, go to room, get locker, pay fees, and Class Pictures. There will be 3 sessions (1 am, 1 afternoon & 1 evening) possibly 8/20 but not confirmed. We will get info in August. 

9. The only recess they have is after lunch. And even when the kids are switching classes, they are supervised. It's not a free for all in the halls. There are extra things such as band/choir/math clubs etc that they can sign up for.