PTA Needs

Hi Fishcreek Families! The PTA's Family Fun Night is Friday, February 27th! This year the PTA is changing up the Family Fun Night baskets. All baskets will be geared towards family engagement. Each classroom will be donating a basket for the FFN Raffle! The PTA is looking for our help for the following donations to put together some really fun family friendly baskets! Please turn in donations by February 24th.
Any questions, please contact Jen Wirsching or Heather DeSessa

Kindergarten Theme: Creative Family Night Suggested Items
2 Books (1 K-1 & 1 2-4)
2 coloring books
1 pkg crayons
1 pkg markers
1 pkg colored pencils
1 craft geared toward adults helping the kids
Any other art or reading type items
1 box of popcorn  
1 box of hot chocolate

1st Grade Theme: Family Nature Fun Night Suggested Items
1 Hummingbird feeder w/ Hummingbird Nectar
1 seed birdfeeder w/small bag of sunflower seeds
1 Thistle sock
1 Butterfly kit (Tuesday Morning has them for $12)
Any other nature themed items
1 box of popcorn 
1 box of hot chocolate

2nd Grade Theme: Family Game Night Suggested Items
2 Board games
1 Uno cards
1 deck of cards
2 puzzles
1 box of popcorn
1 box of hot chocolate

3rd Grade Theme:  Family Movie Night Suggested Items
4 Cartoon and family friendly movie DVDs (Target has $5 DVDs)
Any other Family Movie Night items
4 boxes of candy
1 box of popcorn
1 box of hot chocolate

4th Grade Theme: Family Brain Night Suggested Items
1 Trivia Type board game,
1 Scrabble
1 Strategy and/or mind challenging game
1 500-piece puzzle
Any other Brian Night items
1 box of popcorn
1 box of hot chocolate


Room Parent Sign-ups will happen after school starts ** NOT at Open House ** 
             Links will be sent out to each class to sign-up online to be room parents

OPEN HOUSE will have committee sign-ups

All volunteers must be fingerprinted EVERY YEAR. 
Please contact Central Office 4350 Allen Dr. Stow, call (330) 689-5445

Stay tuned to see how you can help Fishcreek!