Room Parent

All Room Parent sign-up will be send via Sign-Up Genius Link 2nd week of school via your teacher's newsletter

Party Information & Head Room Parent Guidelines

Halloween Party

K-4th Grades

Valentine’s Party
K-4th Grades

Volunteer Guidelines:
* If there are two (2) Head Room Parents, one will be Head for Halloween Party & the other will be Head for Valentine's Party. If there are any other parties that the teacher will have, the two Heads will have to work together.

*There is a MAXIMUM number of FIVE (5) helpers allowed in the classroom during the
party (including Head Room Parent). This will aid in congestion in the classrooms during

*The Head Room Parent will send out e-mail to all Room Parents advising that there are only FIVE slots to work in the party.
We need to be fair so you can choose the 4 volunteers one of two ways:

1. Send e-mail out to all the Room Parents and ask them to respond by such & such date if they are interested in participating IN CLASS during the party and you (or the teacher) will pick 4 names out of a hat.
2. Send e-mail to all the Room Parents and state: "the first four that respond to this e-mail will be allowed to work in the Halloween/Valentine's/Etc. Party…"

Also include in your e-mail: "ALL VOLUNTEERS must be fingerprinted at Central Office to be allowed into the school to help during the party. If you are not fingerprinted, you will not be allowed access to the classroom. This is for the safety of all our children at Fishcreek!"

*A list of the names of the 5 volunteers must be given to 
Heather DeSessa 
the week before the party. The names will be checked for status on fingerprinting, and the list will be given to the monitors at the doors as volunteers come in. If a volunteer is not on the list, or hasn’t been fingerprinted, they WILL NOT be allowed into the classroom.

ALL Parties AFTER the Halloween Party
*If there are MANY Room Parents wanting to help at any Class Party (after the first one), you will need to include in your e-mail, "We need 5 Room Parents to help in class for the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast. All Room Parents that would like to volunteer in class for this party please REPLY ALL. Room Parents that HAVE NOT helped in class will get first priority slots. If we do not have enough volunteers, then the other Room Parents that have been previously worked IN CLASS can participate."

NOT all teachers will have parties other that our main 2. But in past years, Mrs. Obraza would have a Winter Celebration where the children watch The Polar Express in the Gym & take a break MID MOVIE to have Hot Chocolate & Cookies (Room Parents are needed to set that up).

A few weeks before the party, you will need to decide what you want to plan.

Party Guidelines:
* You will need to plan for a snack(s), drink and game(s). Please contact the teacher for his or her suggestions or concerns during the planning process.
Also ask him or her if there are any known food ALLERGIES of which to be concerned.

* After you have come up with your plan, contact your ALL Room Parents for DONATIONS (such as food, drinks, games, stickers, pencils, treat bags, etc.)…

Halloween Party
This party will include a costume parade around the school and through the gym (parents, family members and friends may go there to watch!).
Room Parents will need to help the students with getting costumes on and off. (Costumes will  need to be removed BEFORE dismissal.)
Room Parents can set up the games and snacks while the kids parading around the school (K-2 room parents will have more time since the older grades start the parade!).
Keep games to a minimum; you will not have too much time after the parade to play, eat, etc!

Valentine’s Day Party
When planning keep enough time for the children to open the“Valentine’s”! (Please confirm this needed time with the teacher).
School Policy regarding treat bags: all treats should be consumed during the party, however, if there is leftover food FROM the party, the children may take it home as a “leftover”!
This policy creates a happy ride home on the bus, and also insures no child feels slighted or left out if treat bags are given in some classrooms, but not others.
Clean-up: Please make sure you clean up after the party. Avoid foods or games that are messy.
(Classrooms have carpeting and will be hard to clean!).

Snack Ideas:
Decorating sugar cookies (great for younger grades!)
Jell-O “Jiggler's” in fun shapes
Rice Crispy Treats (can be dyed or other snacks added to the mix)
Ice Cream Sundaes (make it like a “bar” type so they can create their own!)

Game Ideas:
Bingo (can use Candy Corn or Conversation Hearts for Bingo markers)
Hot Potato (can do Hot Pumpkin or Hot Heart!)
Musical chairs (with themed holiday music)
Story-time (holiday and age appropriate books read aloud!)
Bean Bag Toss Game (or a variation)
Tie a balloon to a string (then tie it around the ankle). Kids will step on the balloon to see who can keep their balloon intact the longest.

If you have any questions, or need any ideas, please contact me!

Thanks again for your help!

Heather DeSessa, PTA President